What is 'My Products'? How do I use the My Products List?

Answer: When shopping off the "Products" menu, you may see a heart to the right of the price of the item.  By clicking this heart, you are putting an item in your
"My Products List"  You can put items there that you order often, or as a reminder for next order.  

You can access your "My Products" list from the My Account menu item, and My Products sub menu.  You will see a list of items that you have favorited on there.  You can then use this to add items to your cart.  You can remove items from this list at any time by clicking the check box to the left of the description, then click the remove button.  

You can also grow this list by clicking "Show Order History"  This will give you a 90 view of your orders.  From here you can add items to your "My Products" list or add them directly to the cart.